Update: We have moved to a new website, and these rules have been slightly modified. To learn our latest guidelines, please visit our new home, ViralAccounts.com.

If you’re new to our site / auctions, then please read our following guideline. For smaller pages / accounts we directly e-mail our clients and request them to make us an offer, however, from time to time we host an auction on our website. The auctions are private, and you will need a password to access the page.

To participate in our auctions you:

  •  must register an account, make sure to use the same e-mail address you used to initially contact us. (Registrations are closed, please use our new website)
  •  must never bid if you don’t intend to pay, you will be banned.
  •  must agree to pay via Wire / Western Union or Skrill.com (first-time buyers only, repeat clients may use PayPal to pay our invoices unless specified otherwise in the auction)
  •  may not invite your friends, we’re a closed community and we decide who may  bid.
  •  must read our rules located below.

Our basic rules:

  • At our discretion, we reserve the right to remove you from any auction.
  • People who have NOT paid after winning an auction will have to deposit 25 USD into our Paypal. The money is refunded if you don’t win, and applied as a credit if you do! But if you end up winning and not paying we keep the deposit.
  • The email you signed up with us must match the account you registered for the auction, otherwise = automatic ban.
  • You have 60 min after each auction to reply to our winning notification email to let us know that you acknowledge the win and you are ready to pay, otherwise, you lose the page.
  • You may NOT test the page / account before or after you have won.  We post all statistics for a reason, you will get to test drive your page / account once the transaction is over.
  • If during an auction we require verification from you via e-mail, please respond or else you WILL be removed.
  • Payment rules are posted on EACH auction / offer. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS !

If you have doubts about fanpagecash.org:

  • Don’t. We have been doing this for four years & not a single negative report about us.
  • We’re operating under SkyNet, Inc.
  • We reside within the European Union
  • Our company NIP number: 993 065 2546
  • Our company Regon number: 122 867 954
  • You can verify our company’s existence here: https://prod.ceidg.gov.pl/CEIDG/ceidg.public.ui/search.aspx
  • Thousands of satisfied customers.