Name: Michael Cohen

We almost had this persons name but he blocked and secured all facebook accounts that could indentify him. Anyway, we have emails he uses + video of him + his accomplice + his dog (yep, even his dog).

Known emails:

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Country: Israel

Known Facebook (fake account, but uses it to scam people):

Scam: He has stolen 530 USD from (he tried to sell what wasn’t his, we fell for it, he took the money and ran)

His photos: (they’re not hosted on our servers)


We included the picture of his dog because it is the dog that gave him away. Funny story actually. We were first contacted from [email protected]   – His inbox sported a dog located on this picture:

[email protected] wanted to sell us his fanpages located here:

We agree on a price, I was instructed to send the money to [email protected] (

Needless to say, I was scammed. I sent the money and never seen him again. I’ve filed a dispute but the money is tied up.

A few days later I am contacted by a nameless person using [email protected] as his email. Their G+ account revealed the very same dog, just in a different picture. You can tell its the same dog by the distinct marks on his nose. I knew right away this was the same person but I played along to make sure. Long story short / after a few exchanges of angry words and after being put on the spot the person immediately removed the dog photos from BOTH accounts, solidifying my accusation. I know this may seem a little complicated if you like details just email me, you can do so by using our contact form. If you know this person and point me to his personal information there is a 100 USD reward for you. I would like to thank our members for helping me out and reporting those pages to facebook. We will get them down ASAP :)

I will take this info down and stop looking for you and leave your pages alone IF YOU LOGIN TO YOUR PAYPAL AND SEND ME MY FUNDS BACK!.
Oh wait, here is the scammers video found by one of our members (to view press the CLOSE button first):

By the way, this low life even threatened me to spread miss-information about the owner of this site, and i quote: “Who knows, I may accuse you of child mol***ation. On the internet, everyone is a believer.”

All I have to say to that is, lol?