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Anti Spam Policy 2017-01-08T11:43:49+00:00

Anti-Spam Policy

In the context of electronic messaging, spam refers to unsolicited, bulk or indiscriminate messages typically sent for a commercial purpose. FanPageCash.org has a strict no spam policy, and will not accommodate buyers who engage in excessive and intrusive commercial data mining, product placements, and affiliate network promotions.

FanPageCash.org frequently monitors properties that have been sold through our network, and will permanently ban non-complying members. We reserve the right to refuse any future sales of social media properties if the buyer engages in one or more of the following activities:

  • Affiliate network promotions (CPA Networks)
  • Excessive product placements
  • Commercial data mining
  • Malware spreading
  • Adware spreading
  • Phishing
  • Content Lockers
  • Illegal video streams
  • Pharmaceutical promotions
  • Adult related content (unless approved by the social platform policies)
  • Hateful / Racist content

FanPageCash.org encourages new owners to create relevant content and to engage the followers actively. Keeping the fans happy not only generates more buzz, but it also keeps the social platforms happy. By staying within these guidelines you will keep your audience enticed, and by doing so, you will reap the benefits that social platforms provide.