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To protect seller privacy, we do not publicly show available fanpages. For more information, please contact us using the form located on this page. Please make sure to enter your budget, so that we can send you a list of available fanpages (or accounts) within your price range. We will NOT send you actual links. To view our properties, you will have to go through a member approval process. This prevents unwanted inquiries and protects our sellers from having their pages/accounts deleted.

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Frequently asked questions

Why would I need a fanpage, and what can it do for my business?

A fan page is the only way for entities like businesses, organizations, celebrities, and political figures to represent themselves on Facebook. Unlike a personal Facebook profile, fan pages are visible to everybody on the Internet. We invite you to read this article on Facebook fanpages, it explains in-depth on how they work.

Does Facebook allow the sale of fanpages?

In special circumstances and with written permission, yes. However, due to Facebook’s slow response time to any inquiries most transactions are conducted without their permission.

What are the average prices of fanpages?

There is no set price list, as prices depend on the amount of fans, activity, and niche. The price range can be as low as 100 USD and reach upwards to 10,000 dollars. Since we sell all our properties exclusively via self-hosted auctions, the prices greatly vary.

What payment methods does FanPageCash accept?

We accept many payment options such as Paypal, Bitcoin, Western Union, Skrill and bank wires. We will work with you if all buyers if the mentioned services aren’t available in your country.

I want to build my own Facebook fanpage, how can I get one started and make it popular?

Creating popular Facebook pages is a tough task and requires a lot of work. However, if you are not afraid and would like to try anyway, here are some resources to help you out.

To get your fanpage popular, these articles should help you get started:

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