Attention Fanpage sellers, we’re running a promotion!

Since Facebook introduced the new crippling policy updates in March 2018, sales have slumped to a new low. We're not going to lie, the Fanpage market has crashed. This was good news for buyers, bad news for sellers. However, now that the dust has settled, we want to give sellers another shot at making some money. While we don't believe we're out of the woods yet, we want to officially raise our rates for Fanpage [...]

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Facebook Fanpages are nearly worthless.

Originally posted on OK, perhaps the title is a little clickbaity, but believe us when we say, we have never seen prices of Fanpage influence drop so low. This article is directed mainly at our sellers, so they understand the current situation and the turmoil Facebook is in. Here are the reasons why Facebook Fanpages won’t yield you more than a few hundred dollars (per page), no matter how big or active your property [...]

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Good bye 2017, here comes a new year!

It's that time of the year again where we sum up our accomplishments and failures in life. The same goes for businesses, websites, apps, or any other ventures. This blog entry will do just that, it will summarize the successes and failures of What we did right! We have kept our website busy. Since our very conception back in 2010, we've managed to keep the traffic steady. We fought off unfriendly competition. Just like, [...]

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HELP! We need willing Fanpage sellers!!! PROMOTION TIME!

Our company is going through a serious Fanpage drought, so we're prepared to reward our sellers with extra bonus payments. To combat one of the worst months we've had in our seven-year history, we're prepared to do something amazing, to entice new sellers to use our service. Starting today, we will add an additional 300 USD to any fanpage offer we make! No, we are not joking. That's 300 USD extra to any offer provided [...]

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FPC Spring promo! Receive an additional 200 USD to any of our offers! Promotion ends soon.

To welcome the spring the right way, we're offering a fantastic deal to all Facebook fanpage sellers who come through our virtual doors. That's right, starting today (25.04.2017), we're offering an additional 200 USD to each of our offers. To qualify for this amazing deal, you just have to meet a few simple requirements: This promotion isn't automatic. You have to ask for the additional 200 USD after we give you our initial offer. So [...]

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Till the end of January we’re offering 17% more for your Facebook fanpages!

To honor the new year (and to help our slumping sales) we're offering one of the biggest promotions we have ever hosted. Starting today, we will tack on an additional 17% to each of our offers on all incoming Facebook fanpages! That is an additional 170 USD per every 1K, and that makes it our most generous promotion till date. To those who have been with us for a while, you know that our company [...]

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We’re inching in on 500 sales!

While is no longer operational, we still like to update our blog from time to time, even though we have moved our shop to Since both websites belong to the same company, our blog is current with news related to both ventures. Today, we would like to announce that we're closing in on 500 sales for the year of 2016! In the business world, 500 sales may not sound like much, but our [...]

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A December to remember! Throughout the entire month of December we will add an extra 150 USD to each offer!

First off, we would like to apologize to all our buyers for the current shortage of premium fanpages. While sales are constant, we really don't have anything to brag about, as most of our properties aren't as active as we would all want them to be. This shortage of leads is due to the upcoming holidays. Normally around this time of the year we get fewer customers, because people are out shopping, skiing and spending time [...]

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