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Till the end of January we’re offering 17% more for your Facebook fanpages!

To honor the new year (and to help our slumping sales) we're offering one of the biggest promotions we have ever hosted. Starting today, we will tack on an additional 17% to each of our offers on all incoming Facebook fanpages! That is an additional 170 USD per every 1K, and that makes it our most generous promotion till date. To those who have been with us for a while, you know that our company [...]

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We’re inching in on 500 sales!

While FanPageCash.org is no longer operational, we still like to update our blog from time to time, even though we have moved our shop to ViralAccounts.com. Since both websites belong to the same company, our blog is current with news related to both ventures. Today, we would like to announce that we're closing in on 500 sales for the year of 2016! In the business world, 500 sales may not sound like much, but our [...]

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A December to remember! Throughout the entire month of December we will add an extra 150 USD to each offer!

First off, we would like to apologize to all our buyers for the current shortage of premium fanpages. While sales are constant, we really don't have anything to brag about, as most of our properties aren't as active as we would all want them to be. This shortage of leads is due to the upcoming holidays. Normally around this time of the year we get fewer customers, because people are out shopping, skiing and spending time [...]

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We’re running a 7 day blowout sale! Sellers get bonuses and buyers receive cheaper rates!

To spruce up this coming week, FanPageCash.org is hosting a sale! Since things have been slow we would like to encourage our community to buy and sell more properties, so here is what we have in store for the next seven days: For the buyers! Each fanpage purchased within our community, whether it is obtained via an auction or direct offer, will receive a 20% discount during checkout! No codes, no invites, no coupons. We [...]

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Get + 100$ USD to our offer when you sell your Facebook fanpage by the end of June!

Our network is currently selling more fan pages than ever. However, we want to sell more! To entice all sellers, we're adding $100 USD to any of our offers. It does not matter how big or how little your fanpage is, the $100 USD promo applies to every social property we approve. The promotion will last until end of June 2016, and there is no limit on how many times you can use this promo. [...]

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Earn 10% more when you sell your Facebook fanpage by the end of May!

First off let us send out our deepest apology to our regular buyers for the shortage of recent auctions. There has been a decline in quality leads, so we have nothing good to show for. To combat this, we're offering an additional 10% to our sellers. Yep! That's right. If you decide to sell your Facebook fanpage, you will get an additional 10% on top of our offer. The promotion will last throughout May (ending [...]

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New support center is now open!

We're happy to announce that our main website (ViralAccounts.com) has a new support center. From ViralAccounts.com: We’re happy to announce that we have launched our official support center. We know that buying and selling accounts can be confusing to people who don’t have experience in this field, that is why we have decided to educate our users who are new to this business. The support center is very intuitive to use, you simply ask any [...]

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A few updates, nothing major!

Since we didn't have anything to write about, we've decided to notify our members about some minor changes we have made to our website. The biggest change is an additional contact field in our "Sell Your Fanpage" form (as seen in the image below). Hardly news worthy, right? Well maybe, but we can't tell you how many times we didn't receive a response to our emails, because in these unforgiving times spam filters are very [...]

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FanPageCash.org is banned from Facebook.

If you ever tried to share our link (http://FanPageCash.org) with your friends or family members you were probably greeted by the following image: This is very inconvenient for us, as it suggests that somehow FanPageCash.org is a malicious site. Rest assured that we're still the only place on the web that is fully dedicated to buying and selling Facebook fanpages. Since 2010, FanPageCash has been facilitating deals between buyers and sellers in a safe and [...]

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