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Buy & Sell Twitter Accounts – Frequently Asked Questions. 2017-01-08T12:06:54+00:00

Does Twitter allow the sale of personal profile accounts?

Twitter TOS (Terms of Service) state that the transfer of ownership which involve monetary or nonmonetary transaction is forbidden. However, there have been some high-profile Twitter sales on eBay that Twitter knew about, but did nothing to stop it.

Why does FanPageCash purchase these accounts?

To keep it simple, we advertise our websites on them. We DO NOT spam links, we create relevant websites that match the Twitter account topic/niche. If we cannot promote our websites, we will generally resell them for a small profit. We also use them to spread news about a new company/brand.

What is my Twitter account worth?

It is tough to quote a Twitter account, so we can’t post any numbers. Many factors come into play such as length of username, amount of followers, activity and theme. Twitter is known for being abused by spam bots (programs that create fake accounts and solicit real users). In fact, it is quite easy to create a fake Twitter account with a large following, for that reason we go through an extensive background check before we make an offer. We can provide you a quote via e-mail if you fill out this short form, we usually reply within 12 hours.

How many fans should a Twitter account have for FPC to purchase it?

We don’t have a high limit for Twitter accounts, as long as they’re real and active, we will buy any account. However, we prefer at least 30,000 followers.

How do we proceed with the transaction?

We pay and you hand over the account, it’s that simple. For FanPageCash to pay first, you must own a PayPal account, other forms of payment would require you to give up the Twitter account first. Since the burden of risk falls onto FPC, we might require identity verification from the seller. We have a lot of people taking advantage of our service (running after payment) so we must take precautions to protect our interests.


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