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FanPageCash.org Check List. Does your page/account qualify? 2017-02-07T11:39:09+00:00

Fanpage check list. Does your page/account qualify?

In the past, our company purchased nearly all types of fanpages/accounts, but due to recent Facebook changes (mainly newsfeed algorithm changes), this is no longer the case. We suggest you go over this quick checklist before contacting us to see if your page qualifies.

  • Fan count. We no longer purchase small fanpages. 100,000 fans is the absolute minimum. We will consider fanpages under 100,000 fans if they’re very active.
  • Geolocation of your fanbase. We mainly look for US/AU/CA/UK based fans and a few European countries. We will consider fanpages not meeting this requirement, but at a much lower price range.
  • Activity. No activity? No problem.¬†Our company does purchase inactive fanpages. However, low activity means reduced rates.
  • Publishing rights. The page needs to be in working order (without limitations), you will have to post to it as proof of ownership.
  • Reasonable admin/owner. Many owners believe that their pages are worth thousands of dollars. Just a few years ago when Facebook did not restrict reach, fanpages were worth a lot of money. However, these days prices have fallen, by a lot. Please read this article before you contact us.
  • Language. While we do purchase non-English pages, we cannot offer anything substantial for them. Our buyers are mainly interested in English speaking fans only.
  • Cloned pages. We don’t accept cloned fanpages.
  • Fake fans. We don’t allow fanpages filled with fake likes. We audit each property before we make an offer.
  • Facebook rule violations. We don’t accept fanpages that have too many infractions issued against it.
  • Adult content. We don’t accept fan pages that have adult related¬†(pornographic) material.
  • Personal accounts. We do not purchase personal Facebook profiles. Fanpages and groups only.


If your Facebook fanpage/group qualifies, we invite you to contact us by clicking here.