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FPC ban on links.

Update 13.10.2016: The content of this article may be outdated, we no longer allow listings on FanPageCash.org (we have moved to a new website).

Facebook.com does not condone swapping/selling facebook pages or groups. In order to protect the identity of our buyers and sellers, we are banning postings with links to group/fanpages. The reason being is that many people with too much spare time on their hands will report a page to facebook.com, which may result in its shut down. If you are going to post an ad in the marketplace please DO NOT post the link to the actual page. You can use the following example for describing your page:

Page type: Group/FanPage

Amount of fans/likes: XXX,XXX

Niche/Type: funny/sad/celeb/movie/TV/etc

Price: $$,$$

Date created: mm/dd/yyyy

Spammed?: (yes/no) (if the page was over spammed with updates/links)

Active?: (yes/no)

Own publishing rights?: (yes/no)

Remember that when dealing with buyers/sellers in our marketplace to keep a sharp eye out for scammers. Never give out your link to an unknown buyer/seller and try to use PayPal.com as method of transferring money during the transaction. (this way if something goes wrong you can always charge back the transaction). You do not have to worry about all of the above if you are dealing directly with FPC staff. We never disclose your information and your links are safe with us.

FanPageCash.org is NOT responsible for any loss/damages that took place in our market place. If you want to stay SAFE and deal with reputable sellers/buyers make sure to contact one of our sales reps.

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