Since 2010, our company has been successfully providing a safe marketplace for buying and selling Facebook fanpages.

All this being said, there are still plenty of people out there trying to buy or sell on their own. Selling your own Facebook fanpage cuts out the middle man (i.e., but it does come with inherent risks which could cost you your page and leave a burning hole in your wallet.

We can’t stress enough how many emails we get from people who have been scammed. Most common mistake sellers make is handing over the admin rights before payment is made. Always try to collect payment first, and don’t give up admin rights before payment. Sadly, even this will not guarantee a successful transaction. Why is that? Because of PayPals lack of seller protection. Plenty of times we have seen sellers getting paid, and after handing over the page they see their PayPal transaction reversed the very next day, because the buyer turned out to be a scammer. Most of the times PayPal will charge back the money and side with the purchaser, as Paypal cannot prove that any pages were handed over (vs.a physical item where you can provide a shipping tracking number). This is why in almost all cases PayPal will side with the scammer, leaving sellers without a page, without their money, plus a 30 dollar chargeback fee on top of everything.

Here are a few basic steps to follow when selling or buying a Facebook fanpage on your own:

  • Ask for the person’s full name and email, then Google it. You would be surprised how much dirt you can find on someone. If someone is an active scammer there are good chances he/she already pissed someone off.
  • Phone number is a MUST. Do not deal with anyone who won’t give you their phone number.
  • Ask for their Paypal address, Google it and see if there are any scam reports.
  • Use your own gut feeling. Remember, if it is too good to be true it most likely is. When someone offers you a large sum of money, we can vouch that 99% of the time its a scam.

Stay safe !!!

UPDATE: There is a new popular scam out there! Please read this article for more information!