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Posting your fanpage on PageHogs.com poses a huge risk! Please read.

Whoever came up with the idea for PageHogs.com neglected to think it all the way through. We are talking about the direct/open linking to Fanpage fanpages. This isn’t a good idea at all. If a Facebook moderator ever stumbles onto the site, you can rest assured that all those fanpages listed there will be banned.

“But Facebook can’t prove you posted that ad” you might say.

Do you really believe Facebook will take the “oh let’s investigate this further” route? No. Facebook will want to stop this as soon as possible, no matter if there is any collateral damage in store. Even if you manage NOT to get your fanpage banned, please remember the fact that you still are dealing with an unknown individual (your potential buyer). Why risk your page? Deal with trusted companies, not with people who hide behind a nickname.

Until PageHogs.com comes up with a way of screening users and/or cloaking links we recommend that you DO NOT post your fanpages there (or ANY social account for that matter).

As always, be smart and stay safe!

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