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Fighting the new EndgeRank algo, tips to say on top!

Here are a few tips we have collected from around the web, they should help you increase your reach (hopefully).

  1. Increase post count! Yeah, it is a primitive method, but it works. We have seen fanpages post the same content 3-4 times daily at higher frequencies. Due to the new algorithm, it balances out the low reach, and people don’t complain too much about spam as usually one out of the four posts will reach them.
  2. Add descriptions to your links.
  3. Add a URL to the top of your uploaded image (works great, especially if your image goes viral)
  4. Probably the most important tip, engage your audience to get them to comment on the post. Apparently, the new algorithm places the biggest weight on that metric. More comments = more reach.
  5. Encourage your audience to visit your fanpage directly.
  6. Try to avoid automated posting apps, such as HOOTSUITE or POSTCRON. We have seen much lower engagement levels with content posted by such apps.

The amount of comments seem to work the best for increasing reach, so it would be a good idea to get really creative with your posts, to get those fans commenting.

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