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FanPageCash.org is moving!

While we still plan to upkeep this site for SEO purposes, we are moving all our content, auctions, and news under a new roof. We have some exciting things coming your way, including:

  • Expanded services! We will now regularly begin to sell Instagram / Vine / Twitter / SnapChat & Youtube accounts.
  • We’re launching an escrow service. Don’t want to sell to us? That is fine, but we can broker a deal in your name to protect you from shady sellers.
  • New auction system! Includes proxy bidding (like eBay), live updates and a much better bid tracking system.
  • We will begin social media consulting, including brand/business/website promotions via our network of social properties.
  • Social pawn shop. No, you’ve read that right. We will issue quick payday loans using your social properties as collateral.
  • New payment options! BitCoin included!
  • More secure screening process (for buyers & sellers)
  • All under a 128-bit encrypted roof!

Only days away! We will be asking all members to re-register on our new site before we close the registrations. We could move the database, but we want to weed out inactive accounts.

ETA: 12/12/14

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