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Tips for running a successful fanpage. (or any social property)

Increase Fanpage Reach

Increase Fanpage Reach

Whether you run a big fanpage or a popular Instagram account, a large following needs a good admin. Keeping the fans happy and activity high is a chalange these days, especially with all the limiting reach restrictions imposed by the social giants. Over the past 5 years I’ve managed millions of fans, across many platforms, and I am about to share my knowledge with you. While the following guidelines aren’t 100% fool-proof, they will help you increase activity and reach out to more fans.

Get to know your audience

This is probably the most important, yet most difficult thing to master. The internet is a big place, it spans across many countries and cultures. Knowing what everyone likes takes time and research. Let’s say you’re an Indian based marketer who just acquired an US-based fanpage, so what do you post? The clash of cultures will be a huge obstacle, you can’t exactly post Indian type jokes / apparel / cars / political problems to an American user, he/she/they will not know how to respond. You need to research current trends, watch foreign news outlets, and read about the culture you’re trying to reach out to. Basically you need to become the person following the page.

Page title / theme / niche

Knowing why your fans liked the page in the first place will tell you a lot about them. For example, you will not post fashion apparel to a fanpage titled “How I hate my teacher”. The fans will not enjoy this at all and will leave in droves. Trying to force new niches onto the followers is pretty much a guaranteed disaster. Remember, those fans liked the page for a specific reason, and if you try to change that reason you can say goodbye to the fans. Will all of them leave? No, usually only a fraction. But that fraction is generally the most active.


“Women are from Venus, and men are from Mars”, there is something to that saying. The same applies to any social property. If the majority of fans are female, make sure to post accordingly, and skip on the UFC fight videos.

Time zones

While you’re posting that amazing content, all your fans could be sleeping! Make sure to check the insights and see when most users are available so that you can synchronize that time with your local time zone. The window for a good post isn’t that big. Statistically, most users spend their time online between 4-10 PM (local time zones). Monday & Thursday nights are generally the most active.

Over posting

Hey look at this! Now this! Omg did you see that? Wow one more thing!  Don’t over spam, it’s annoying. It should be general knowledge by now that spamming your content will scare away followers. Many case studies have proven over and over again, that 2 good daily posts are better than 10 average ones. On top of everything Facebook now punishes fanpages that over post, by restricting reach even further, even if the user engagement is super high.

Friendly admin

I see it on many occasions, when admins take fan criticism personally and attack a fan/follower. Just keep in mind that we’re all different and unique, and you will not be able to keep everyone happy. Let grumpy people be grumpy, and don’t interact with the fans too much.

Content is king

I am sure you’ve heard that phrase before, it is easy to understand but hard to implement. If you re-hash old material then guess what? You don’t have a chance. Thinking of posting that viral dog video that had millions of views? It should do good on your property, no? No. See, the thing with good content is that most of the people have already seen it, so they won’t be willing to share it. This is where you must:

1. Create good content on your own.


2. Be excellent in finding undiscovered (good) content.

Good content generally does not stay hidden, so use your talents to generate your own. You could engage your audience and create a contest, so you can have your fans create content for you! Most of the time fans will oblige, especially if you’re staying within that follower interests. It is a win – win situation, you get free content and the fan gets a little exposure.

I will update this article with more tips & tricks in the following weeks.


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