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Most valuable social properties in 2017

We live in an age where a simple Facebook Fanpage very largeor an Instagram account could be worth a lot of money. But which social property is most valuable? In this article, we will review the most popular social platforms for 2017. This chart is based on data obtained by FanPageCash.org and ViralAccounts.com

#1 – YouTube accounts

Still the undisputed king! Super active and gigantic YouTube accounts can reach six-digit offers! Since popular YouTube accounts are big money making machines, no one will sell them cheap!

#2 – Facebook fanpages

Despite the fact that many new platforms are available, and that Facebook has greatly restricted post reach, fanpages are still one of the most valuable properties out there. Fanpages that are super active, with at least two million fans, can be worth anywhere from 3000 to 30,000 USD. However, most smaller fanpages that have no or little activity usually sell for 100-1000 USD. Fanpages are still the king of viral content. For example, a single viral link post can generate as much as 13,000 USD in AdSense revenue (we have personally witnessed such an event, the post reached nearly 7 million people). But going viral on facebook is no longer easy, with the recent reach restrictions it takes skill and good content to get noticed.

#3 – Instagram accounts

In the past few years, Instagram has been gaining traction. Trying to sell your Instragram account could be a lot more difficult than Facebook, mainly because of availability. There are so many accounts and willing sellers that buyers simply skip the high price tag accounts and keep searching for other properties. We have seen 1-2 million followers accounts sell anywhere from 2000 to 25,000 USD. Keep in mind we’re talking premium accounts, with 40-50k likes per post. Activity and niche is the key.

#4 – Twitter accounts

With Twitter, the main problem is that the followers are easy to fake, so naturally, you will come under scrutiny when you try to sell your account. While in rare cases single char accounts sold for as much as 50k dollars, most twitter accounts never top 3,000-5,000 USD. And for that kind of money we’re talking top shelf, high engagement accounts. Sub par accounts generally sell for 100-500 USD.

#5 – Vine accounts

The 6-second loop wonder has become another social giant, generating tons of activity. However, the platform is limited to videos, making them less appealing to marketers. Even large accounts with millions of loops are usually worth around 100-400 USD.

#6- Tumblr

Welcome to the bottom of the barrel. Tumblr blogs are nearly worthless, ranking them last on our list. A semi popular blog is worth around 50-150 USD, and that is if it has at least 200k followers and generates a hefty amount notes per post.



There are a few other platforms (such as Snapchat or Pinterest) but we don’t have enough data to accurately rank them in our list. Remember, these rankings are based on data we have generated in 2016-2017, while buying/selling accounts from across the globe. Individual results will vary, and will depend on finding the right buyer (and lots of luck). Buying and selling social properties is a risky business, as it is filled with con artists, so make sure to stay vigilant.

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