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Facebook’s New Reach & Click Stats

To save admins from a trip to the Insights tab, fanpage owners now can see basic performance statistics on each post.

Want a quick look at how your latest Facebook Page post is performing? Facebook is now displaying stats for reach and clicks on the page and news feed level. Initially reported by Social Times, fanpage owners no longer have to click into Facebook Insights to see the most basic data about how their posts are doing. However, there is a catch! Admins will no longer be able to see link clicks data.

Here is a screenshot of how it currently looks:


This information and more is available inside the Insights tab. But having it displayed on every post is a very convenient feature, making a quick glance of performance very easy. A Facebook representative confirmed that the feature had been rolled out to all fanpage admins in the United States. A few admins outside the US are also reporting the update, but Facebook is still testing and hasn’t launched it globally. One feature that apparently won’t be part of the display is a comparison chart of how well a post’s reach (and click statistics) compare with the average post from the fanpage. In testing, Facebook had displayed percentage figures that compared post performance.

Update: Apparently the feature had been rolled out to all page admins in every country around the world, so it looks like it is here to stay.

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