While FanPageCash.org is no longer active (since we have moved our operation to ViralAccounts.com), it still receives organic traffic, so we’re not planning to close down the site. To the contrary, we will be upgrading it very soon. By the end of this year, FPC will go through some drastic changes, mainly a site-wide theme change. Yes, we’re the first one to admit that our current website looks like something pulled out of a pre-2010 web archive. The reason is that our website template was never upgraded since its conception back in 2010, but that is about to change very soon. FanPageCash is not the only website in our arsenal that we’re planning to upgrade, as ViralAccounts.com will also be going through a major update. Our plan is to streamline the user experience, and hopefully, increase response times. Another thing on our agenda is to make our websites pleasing to the eye, from desktops to mobile versions.

All changes will be visible by December 31, 2015. You can help us out by reporting any website bugs or errors you may encounter while we upgrade our services. We appreciate your patience and your continued interest in our services.