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Facebook fanpage reach 101. If you’re new to facebook this video will guide you in the right direction.

Facebook fanpage marketing isn’t as easy as it was a few years ago. When Facebook introduced their new algorithm named Edgerank, it essentially changed the entire concept of fanpages. Page owners were no longer able to reach millions of their followers with a simple status update, mainly because the new algo restricted reach on all fanpages. It does not matter how big your fanpage may be, you will currently not be able to reach most of your fans unless you beat facebook’s new algo. If you’re new to Facebook, all this information may sound a little confusing. What is Edgerank? What is reach? How do I improve it? Why can’t fans see my updates? Why am I being restricted? To answer all of these questions we encourage you to watch this short 13-minute video we have found on YouTube. It goes into great detail on how Facebook currently works, and provides useful tips on how to improve your campaigns. Even though it was uploaded two years ago, the content within it still applies today.

The video was created by a YouTube user named Chad Fullerton. Mr. Fullerton is a designer, entrepreneur, and creative strategist with over 12 years experience in the digital marketing industry. He is the founder of Fullerton Media, co-founder of CoMotion On King, the Freelancers Association, and Regional Interactive Content Manager at CORUS Entertainment. You can read his full bio here.

When it comes to growing the number of people that see your Facebook content, more Likes isn’t always the answer. In fact, if you’re getting hundreds of people to Like your Facebook Page who don’t actually care about your brand and won’t engage with your posts in the future, you’re actually making things worse and you’ll end up paying for it (literally) in the long run. What matters now on Facebook is engagement levels and having a group of fans that are highly engaged with your brand.

– Chad Fullerton

Mr. Fullerton also provides useful tips on how to increase your reach, so make sure to visit his blog page where he explains in detail how to get the most out of your fanpage: http://www.chadfullerton.com/facebook-likes-dont-matter/

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  1. Josh W. November 23, 2015 at 2:59 pm

    Good read and useful video. Thanks! :)

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