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Is Facebook a dying platform? Find out what the new generation of kids think about facebook.

BusinessInsider.com recently released a great video, it features interviews with kids ranging from 9-13 years of age.

BusinessInsider Reports:

“There’s a whole new generation of children growing up in the digital world. The social-media giant Facebook hopes this is the next wave of users, but are they really interested in having a profile? Last year, we asked kids between ages 9 to 13 what they think.”

So what do you think? These kids may have a point. If you own any fanpages you must have noticed that you almost never see a younger audience in your insights anymore. Only time will tell. However, it is best to prepare yourselves for a possible MySpace.com type of situation. If you have a large following it may be wise to think about the future and look for other means of reaching your audience.

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