Are you struggling with your reach? Is your activity where it needs to be? Well, it is no secret that Facebook greatly restricted reach across all fanpages. The major algorithm update happened on December 1st, 2013. Facebook’s December News Feed algorithm change is still punishing brand pages, regardless of how interested fans are in that page’s content. Since December 1, organic reach and organic reach percentage have each declined by 44%, with some pages seeing declines as high as 88%. Only a few fanpages had improved reach, which came in at 5.6%. As reach declined, the raw number of engaged users plunged as well, falling on average by 39%. So what can you do about it? While reaching your fans has become a lot tougher, there are still some ways to improve your activity.

Unpublish / publish method.

While we have not personally tested this method, we’re seeing more and more fanpage owners report that unpublishing your page for 3-4 days greatly improves reach. But wait, how? What you do is unpublish your fanpage for a few days, only to publish it back again. Apparently, this will improve your post / image / video / link reach for a good couple of days, and the process can be repeated once your reach drops again. It may seem counterproductive to unpublish your page, because at that time you’re reaching no one. However, the reach improvement is so great it outweighs the 3-4 day downtime. We’re 100% sure that at some point this was a fully working method, but as of today, we do not know if Facebook still allows this to happen.

Block less performing countries.

This second method simply eliminates less desirable countries from seeing your posts. Look at your data and check which countries are performing poorly, then block those fans from viewing your page. This way more of your reach allowance (yes, Facebook rations reach) will be concentrated on the countries you will want to target. We have personally tested this method, and it works wonders.

So there you have it, give these two methods a try and report back to us on your results. If you have any questions, please contact our support.