As we approach this Christmas holiday, we’re inching on the 6-year mark of our existence! Yep, is nearly six years old, and still the number one place on the web where you can sell your fanpage! Just for nostalgia reasons we’re adding a screenshot of our homepage back in 2010:


Even though we have moved operations to our new domain (, we still plan to upkeep this website for years to come. We’ve had many great interactions with our users and met some good clients over these past six years. We appreciate every person who reached out to us, and we thank you all for being loyal customers. We would also like for everyone to know that we’re taking a step back until the end of the year, so we can focus our time on our friends and family. People across the world will tend to their holiday duties, so conducting business this time of the year is nearly impossible. This is why we’re not going to push for sales, and we will try to enjoy our well deserved holiday. We hope you will also enjoy this holiday season and come back to see us next year.