Since we didn’t have anything to write about, we’ve decided to notify our members about some minor changes we have made to our website. The biggest change is an additional contact field in our “Sell Your Fanpage” form (as seen in the image below).


Hardly news worthy, right? Well maybe, but we can’t tell you how many times we didn’t receive a response to our emails, because in these unforgiving times spam filters are very cruel, and they don’t always allow our emails to reach the seller’s inbox. This translates into a loss of leads, and that means fewer products to sell. It is bad enough that the demand for Facebook fanpages is very high, and availability of these babies is very low, so not reaching 100% of potential leads creates problems for everyone. Tons of sellers reached out to us only to wait for our reply. Well, we reply every single time, but around 30% of our messages end up in the spam folder, which most sellers never check. Hopefully, this small yet important “upgrade” will allow us to reach out to more clients and purchase more Facebook fanpagse.

We have also increased page caching (faster loading times) and fixed some random typos. If you happen to find any more typos/errors we please ask you to submit them via this form. As always, thank you for your continued business and alliance to