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Earn 10% more when you sell your Facebook fanpage by the end of May!


First off let us send out our deepest apology to our regular buyers for the shortage of recent auctions. There has been a decline in quality leads, so we have nothing good to show for. To combat this, we’re offering an additional 10% to our sellers. Yep! That’s right. If you decide to sell your Facebook fanpage, you will get an additional 10% on top of our offer. The promotion will last throughout May (ending on 05/30/2016). If you have been lurking around but weren’t sure yet if you want to sell then now it is time to do so.

10% PROMO sellers links:



Remember sellers, it does not matter how silly your fanpage may seem, we will purchase nearly everything. Our company is mainly interested in US / UK / AU / CA based fans (and a few European countries). Any other countries are considered less desirable to our buyers, which will bring their value down. So what are you waiting for? Give FanPageCash.org a shot! We provide free, no obligation quotes, and we payout the very same day.

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