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Facebook is cracking down on fanpage solicitation!

Are Facebook fanpages your primary source of traffic? Or are you a fanpage reseller? No matter how you make money from Facebook fanpages, your venture is about to hit a brick wall. Since last week Facebook rolled out a super strict no-solicitation update that affects the fanpage messaging system. The aim is to clean up the constant spam you see in fanpage inboxes.

“Hi admin, I am professional fanpage buyer and we want to purchase your fanpage.”

“Hey there! I am actually an advertiser and I am ready to pay you 100,000 USD per every 50k fans!”

“Hi. I am a serious fanpage buyer and we could use your fanpage for our blog, to generate traffic. Are you interested in selling?”

Messages like these are becoming a thing of the past, as the new algorithm is unforgiving and it gives fanpage admins an incredible power to shut your account down. And how does that happen? Well every time you send a message (or image) to a fanpage, the admin will have the option to mark the message as “solicitation,” as seen in the picture below.


While we can’t fully confirm, we have heard that all it takes to suspend one’s account is a few of those “yes” clicks. So, if you plan on bothering a lot of admins, be prepared to lose tons of accounts in the process. While the accounts that get flagged do not get suspended, they do require ID verification. Without proper verification, the account will be useless, and the admin won’t see the message you have sent.

In the past few days we have noticed a staggering cleanup of Facebook fanpages we own, it seems that over 80% of fanpage buyers have disappeared. As seen in the image below, most of the spam questions are now gone.

facebook solicitation

While some messages made it though, it seems that it’s only a matter of time before they disappear too. Facebook finally dealt a death blow to the buying/selling community, by making it nearly impossible to reach admins this way. This will undoubtfully affect us all, including the services we provide on our website.

Stay tuned for updates!

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