To spruce up this coming week, is hosting a sale! Since things have been slow we would like to encourage our community to buy and sell more properties, so here is what we have in store for the next seven days:

For the buyers!

Each fanpage purchased within our community, whether it is obtained via an auction or direct offer, will receive a 20% discount during checkout! No codes, no invites, no coupons. We will automatically deduct 20% from each item purchased from our company.

For the sellers!

To encourage first time sellers, we will throw in an additional $100 USD to each of our offers. It does not matter how small your property actually is! Even if your Facebook fanpage is only worth $50 USD, we will still add a cool and crisp $100 bill to our offer. No strings attached. Just make sure to mention our sale while you’re negotiating with our staff members.

Repeat sellers who fall under our 10% service fee will now get to list their items at a cool 5%. So, if you have any properties you wanted to unload such as Facebook fanpages, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or Vine accounts then contact our support immediately. Make sure to include the property URL, stats, and reserve price with your submission. Our staff members will get back to you shortly to discuss listing prices and dates.

This sale ends 2016-10-16! If you have any questions please contact [email protected]