First off, we would like to apologize to all our buyers for the current shortage of premium fanpages. While sales are constant, we really don’t have anything to brag about, as most of our properties aren’t as active as we would all want them to be. This shortage of leads is due to the upcoming holidays. Normally around this time of the year we get fewer customers, because people are out shopping, skiing and spending time with their families. To combat this, we’re running a special until the end of 2016. Starting today, we will add an additional 150 USD to any offer, no exceptions or strings attached. We are in dire need of Facebook fanpages, so if you have any that you were planning to sell, now would be the time. There are no minimums! Even if we value your fanpage at (for example) 100 USD, we will still add an additional 150 USD to our offer. This offer only applies to Facebook fanpages that have at least 100,000 followers.

How to claim your 150 USD bonus?

  • It’s easy. First fill out this form:
  • Wait for our staff to email you a quote.
  • Once you have been given a quote, mention our December Bonus to our staff members for an instant additional injection of cash!

As always, upon agreement, we will pay out the very same day. So, what are you waiting for? We need your Facebook fanpages, and you could use the extra money for the upcoming holiday. We would like to thank all our members, buyers and sellers, and on behalf of our company, we would like to wish everyone a pleasant and peaceful holiday!