In our six years of operation, we have not heard of a single instance where a user was able to retrieve a previously hacked fanpage, until now that is. Yes, it’s true. We finally had the opportunity to witness Facebook intervention, that thwarted the hackers actions and made one Facebook user very, very happy. If you asked us a week ago if there is any way of getting a hacked Facebook page back, we would instantly say “no, not possible.” That was our mentality until now, as we had thousands of our members report hacked/stolen pages to Facebook, yet not a single instance of a successful retrieval. It seems that things have changed, or simply a miracle¬†had happened, as one of our sellers who lost her page got it back a few days after contacting Facebook support. Albeit, the seller admitted that she contacted Facebook over 50 times (yikes!), but it was all worth it in the end, as her fanpage was returned to her, and the hacker got banned from Facebook.

Below is a screenshot of the successful email from Facebook, confirming the user that the page has been given back to the rightful owner.


To us, this is simply unbelieavable, and we are very happy that our member was able to successfully get her hacked fanpage back. However, it seems that this situation was a little different, as the user who lost her fanpage had her entire Facebook profile hacked, by losing access to her email account. Yes, some crafty hacker was able to login into her email account, only to reset her Facebook password, login, and transfer out all fanpages she has owned. This situation is different, as most people lose their fanpages by falling for one of the countless tricks hackers use (business manager invite / promises of money after transfer / etc.) Perhaps that is why Facebook stepped in and did the right thing. So, if you lost your fanpage in any other way, Facebook may not be able to help you, as their track record would suggest.

However, if you did happen to get your Facebook fanpage hacked, you can still give it a shot by using this form. This is the very same form our member used to get her fanpage back. So, what are you waiting for? Fill out the form and let us know if it worked. Good luck!