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Million likes, 300k shares, and tons of comments. All in a single post, each time, and every time! Streaming to Facebook fanpages is the latest craze.

No, Facebook didn’t improve reach, if that’s what you’re wondering. However, it is still possible to reach millions of people each and every time you post to your Facebook fanpage. How? It’s easy! All it takes is one simple PC app and a previously recorded video. Still confused? Don’t be, we’re talking about the new Facebook streaming feature that was available to users since May 2016. If you thought that live streaming was a user-end option only, you were wrong. It turns out that you can also stream live video to your fan page followers. It all started a few weeks ago, when clever marketers figured out how to use old clips and stream them live to fanpages, and the results were stunning. Whenever you live stream to your Facebook page, you get nearly unrestricted reach. Each session has the ability to net millions of likes, shares, and comments, all in just a few hours. How is this possible? Well, Facebook is trying to get people to user their streaming app, it’s a feature built into their mobile applications and the desktop version of Facebook. For this reason, they want as many people knowing about it as they can. As far as we’re aware of, there are no reach restrictions when you stream a feed to your users, so for example, if your page has 500,000 fans, nearly all of them will instantly see your stream, if they’re online.

The catch? There is no catch, it’s really that simple. We wrote about this on our parent website, ViralAccounts.com. If you would like to find out more about this newest method of gaining likes, please visit our Live Streaming To Fanpages article.

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