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Community warning! Facebook is disabling accounts, be careful.

We don’t mean to scare everyone, but since last night (12.12.2016) something odd is going on with Facebook, they’re mass-disabling accounts. We’re not talking fresh or fake accounts. Facebook started deleting established, photo ID verified, aged for years accounts. No warning, no reason why, just an instant termination. So, a fair warning to everyone. Make sure you have at least 3-4 admins on each and every one of your fanpages or groups, otherwise you may lose them forever. At first, we thought it was a raid on people who purchased/sold fanpages, as over six of our clients already reported blocked accounts, just in the last few hours. However, speaking to people not associated with this type of activity, it seems that this isn’t true, as many people outside of this business are also getting canned. In the past hour, we have received the word of 27 disabled accounts, and that’s just from our closest of associates. Increased security? New, overly-sensitive algorithm? Who knows. If you lost an account within the last 36 hours we would love to hear about it.

Stay safe, add more admins, and take care!
P.S. If your account got disabled, use this form to appeal to Facebook.

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