While FanPageCash.org is no longer operational, we still like to update our blog from time to time, even though we have moved our shop to ViralAccounts.com. Since both websites belong to the same company, our blog is current with news related to both ventures. Today, we would like to announce that we’re closing in on 500 sales for the year of 2016! In the business world, 500 sales may not sound like much, but our niche is quite small, and we consider it quite a feat. We have also doubled our sales figures from last year, as in 2015, we topped 247 invoices.

Here are some fun facts from 2016!

  • 500 sales equals to 1.3 auctions a day.
  • Over 82% of properties sold were Facebook fanpages. We didn’t go after this platform for no reason, it’s the buyer demand that dictates what is currently sold within our network.
  • 11% of our properties were Instagram accounts. While less popular, Instagram comes in at second place.
  • 5% of our properties were Twitter accounts.
  • 2% of our properties were Vine, Tumblr, and YouTube accounts.

2016 client satisfaction facts:

  • Only 3 properties returned (customers not happy with their purchase).
  • 6 deleted properties (something we have no control of, so we can’t exactly pinpoint who is at fault).

Our properties range from a minimum 100,000 fans to tens of millions. To calculate a rough draft average, each of our accounts had around 300,000 fans/followers. To put things into perspective, 30oooo fans multiplied by 500 sales equals to 150,000,000 likes/followers/fans! That is one hundred fifty million people, roughly 1/46th of the world’s population, that’s not bad for 500 transactions. We will have exact sales figures once we close the year, in meanwhile, we invite everyone to use our services, and start buying and selling social media properties. We want to send a big thank you to all our members, you made this possible.