To honor the new year (and to help our slumping sales) we’re offering one of the biggest promotions we have ever hosted. Starting today, we will tack on an additional 17% to each of our offers on all incoming Facebook fanpages! That is an additional 170 USD per every 1K, and that makes it our most generous promotion till date. To those who have been with us for a while, you know that our company is up-front about everything, and it’s no secret that since Christmas things have been slow. The reason behind that is not because our business is dying, it is because it’s that time of the year where people enjoy their time with friends and family vs. doing business by selling Facebook fanpages. To combat this family loving, time enjoying, party hosting mayhem, we’re upping the ante by offering more money to our sellers.

To claim your 17%…

  1. Fill out our fanpage seller form.
  2. Wait for our staff to respond.
  3. Provide stats we ask for.
  4. Negotiate a price.
  5. Once everything is set, mention FPC2017PROMO in your email to get an additional 17%!

Remember, our sales representatives won’t make it easy for you and mention this promo, that is why you’re required to post the code after negotiations. One of the reasons we’re doing this is to boost our blog viewership, and this is the only viable way of doing so. This promo lasts until the end of January 2017!