While this article will seem a little biased, we will do our best to stay as objective as we can, and show you the current best places to sell your Facebook Fanpages. We can tell you right now that our website will top this list, however, don’t dismiss this article just yet, we will show you some other great places where you can sell your Facebook page.

#1 – FanPageCash.org

No duh! We’re number one, and we aren’t afraid to boast about it. We are the first company who started this type of service, and at the same time, we’re the longest company that buys and sells Facebook Fanpages. We have been on the market since 2010, no other company within this niche can claim that.

#2 – ViralAccounts.com

This site is a FanPageCash.org spinoff. Recently, they have rebranded into an influencer platform. However, they still manage Facebook Fanpage rights, so if you’re thinking about connecting with a popular brand to make money, then please give them a shot. They have a spotless reputation and have been operating for years.

#3 – SWAPD.co

From Facebook Fanpages to Twitter accounts, this company deals with everything. SWAPD doesn’t actually purchase Fanpages, but they provide a forum based marketplace where users buy and sell social media properties. What makes them different than all the other forums? They manage (escrow) each transaction, making their website 100% scam proof. Whenever you find a willing buyer/seller, you simply start the checkout process by pressing one button. SWAPD staff will swoop in and handle everything for you, from start to finish. Having a middleman protects buyers/sellers from fraudulent¬†activity such as chargebacks or people who just grab the money and run. They also provide full audits on each property sold, thus eliminating any bot filled accounts.

#4- BuySellAccounts.com

While still young, this company is also a great place that pays top dollar for every social asset! From Facebook Fanpages to YouTube Channels. If it’s worth money, you can probably buy or sell it on BuySellAccounts.com


This would conclude the top places for buying/selling Facebook Fanpages, or any other social media accounts. While there are other services out there, they don’t provide any protection or oversight, this is why they didn’t make our¬†2017 list.