If you’ve been living under a rock, let us bring you up to speed. A few months ago, ViralAccounts.com launched a new influencer platform named SWAPD.

SWAPD (derived from the word SWAPPED) is a simple community forum that facilitates buyers and sellers in a safe and moderated marketplace. Our main objective is to create a place to buy/sell/swap items of virtual nature that hold real monetary value. So, what makes us different? The unparallel trust and top notch service that we have provided over the years while working under the ViralAccounts.com banner. Our service places a strong emphasis on safety, and we do that by heavy moderation, strict rules, and quality control.

Even though the site is just a few months old, quality control is indeed what SWAPD is known for. In the world of influence marketing and social media asset sales, the amount of fraudsters is staggering. Places like FameSwap or EpicNPC are becoming untrustworthy, as reports from all around the web are alarming. Without the oversight of each transaction, buyers and sellers are victims to daily scams. Here is where SWAPD comes in, they provide heavy moderation and strict quality control. They manage every single transaction in their marketplace, and according to this article, in the past six months, they’ve only had three bad transactions due to fraudsters. However, they compensated the victims out of their own pocket. Perhaps this is why the website is nearing 1000 members, which is quite a feat to achieve such a milestone in such a short time span. We have been following SWAPD since the beginning, and we’re pretty amazed to see the progress their service is making. From a unique checkout system, to dedicated iOS and Android apps. And unlike ViralAccounts.com or FanPageCash.org, SWAPD is a free to join website. (We’re not a paid website, but rather a private network.)

We can’t wait to see what the future will bring for SWAPD. In meanwhile, if you have anything to sell, please contact our sales department! Or alternatively, you can also get a quote on SWAPD.