That’s right, we’re getting old! Our small website has been serving clients for over seven years, and we are very proud of this accomplishment. While the exact birthdate of the domain shows July 2010, we didn’t officially launch until December. Our website may not feature the latest in technology, and perhaps we aren’t the number one marketing news source, but we have been fulfilling the needs of thousands of our clients every single year. In those seven years, we came a long way. From unfair competition DDoSing our website, to hundreds of copycat sites who merely ripped our website word-for-word. Well, the attacks have stopped, and our so-called competition is long gone. However, it’s not all smooth sailing, as it’s pretty apparent that the Facebook Fanpage market is declining.

What? Where? Why? Why are Fanpages declining?

Fanpages are simply running out, it’s that simple. Due to strict algorithm updates, Facebook Fanpages no longer go viral like they used to. In the past, all that was needed was a clever page title to have a chance of gaining millions of fans. These days, it’s a pay to play field. Organic Fanpages are very rare these days, so naturally, they’re tougher to obtain. The situation is so bad that our company went from selling 4-5 per week, to 3-4 per month. Yikes, indeed. Another bad thing that marketers will find is that scarcity produces higher price tags. The short supply of Fanpages brings the prices up, providing that the Fanpage has desirable demographics and good activity, in a sought out niche. So, in short, if you’re in the market for a Facebook fanpage, 2018 may be your last call. Despite the algorithm restrictions, Fanpages still yield incredible possibilities in terms of traffic, exposure, and getting your name out there.

To recap, we’re happy we’ve lasted so long, and we truly wish to stay in this field as long as possible. We would like to thank all our members who made this possible! We hope to continue serving you throughout 2018 and beyond.