If you have been on Facebook long enough, you probably know someone who has been banned from their service. Perhaps it was you who lost your account? Yes, Facebook has every right to do as they please, and they can rightfully ban and delete anyone they choose to. However, what if the ban was unfair? How many times have we seen/heard/read about people getting unfairly removed from Facebook? It’s a fact that most of the removals happen automatically, based on secret Facebook algorithms. Your fate on Facebook mostly depends on a piece of code, and quite often, that code is wrong. While technology is making great strides, we all know that things sometimes have a mind of their own, including these virtual Facebook cops. If you believe you have been wronged by being unfairly banned, we have just the solution for you. While browsing a popular social asset marketplace called SWAPD, we’ve discovered a unique services section within it. In that section, we’ve found a seller who is capable of unlocking Facebook accounts, no matter how long they have been banned for.

You can view the listing here:

At first, we were skeptical. But we’ve reached out to SWAPD staff and they confirmed that the seller is capable of unlocking banned Facebook accounts, and has a 65% success rate of doing so. If you have a banned Facebook account you need to unlock fast, we suggest you head over to SWAPD and sign up quick, as this offer may end any day. Also, the same seller has another unique Facebook service on the very same site. His other listing claims that he can change any Fanpage name to anything your heart desires. If you ever tried to rename a Facebook Fanpage name, you know that it’s almost impossible, especially if you want to change the title to something entirely different. Well, the SWAPD seller we’re talking about has a 100% success rate in changing Fanpage names, even if the said Fanpage has a name change ban. You’ve read that right. This guy can change a Fanpage name even if it’s banned by Facebook from having its name changed. We don’t know how he does it, but users are praising him for it. To see his Facebook Fanpage name change listing, click here.

Now the service isn’t free, the seller charges 200 USD per account unlock or name change. But, since all transactions are managed by SWAPD staff, you have nothing to fear, as if the seller is unable to deliver, SWAPD will promptly refund your money.