It’s no secret that lately, making money from Facebook Fanpages is extremely difficult. This setback is because of the recent policy changes Facebook introduced in March 2018. If you own any Fanpages, you are probably asking yourself, is it still worth to invest your time on Facebook? Just last month the answer to that would be a no, at least from us. But recently, we’re seeing a rise of positive looking data proving that Facebook Fanpages aren’t out just yet. To the contrary, a good and active Fanpage with around 1,000,000 fans, is now capable of earning 300 USD per day, without posting a single link!

So, how do you earn from Fanpages in 2018?

From what we have gathered, there are only two viable options that could make a decent amount of income per day.

Instant articles – Yes, you need to be approved for IA, and even though the earnings from Instant Articles have dropped nearly 70%, they’re still a good and viable method of making money on Facebook Fanpages. Signing up is easy, just visit the official Instant Articles page to get started.

Facebook Watch – This is the current biggest money maker on Facebook. It seems that Facebook increased revenue for Watch publishers. The only downside is that you need good videos, the content cannot be copied, and it has to be created by you or by someone you have permission from. Currently, a large Fanpage (1m fans), can easily make 300 USD a day from a single video, providing that it generates enough hits. Joining Facebook Watch may not be easy as they are pretty strict on who they approve, but what do you have to lose by trying? For more info, click here.


Making money via links, as in siphoning traffic from Facebook in the traditional way is still an option. However, due to the new policies, you can’t share the same story across a multum of your pages. Each page has to push its own, self-created content, and stick to the topic of the page. You cannot run affiliate links like back in the day, but promoting your own website is still allowable, providing that you comply with the new set of rules.