We would like to warn everyone who was recently contacted by any of the sites below that we have no affiliation with them what-so-ever.
Possible scammer sites that try to imitate us:

  • tradefanpage.com
  • fanpagetrading.com
  • fanpagestrading.com
  • Fanpagebuyingnselling.com (These guys are scammers, avoid at all costs)

Please note that we’re NOT affiliated with them in any way. If you snoop around a little, you will see that they copied our site word by word. We have been on the market since 2010, we offer the best prices – bar none. We are the only trusted place for buying/selling fanpages. Numerous online scam reports are confirming that many of these sites will take your page + money and run.

For more information on how to sell your fanpage safely click here: http://fanpagecash.org/2012/11/selling-your-facebook-fanpage-101-–-tips-to-stay-safe/

UPDATE: 12/08/2014 The fanpage located under this URL  www.facebook.com/FanPageCash.Org is NOT OUR OFFICIAL FANPAGE. In fact, we don’t even own a fanpage. It would be pretty stupid of us to advertise our services on a website that forbids them. The owner of that particular scam page is not too bright.

UPDATE: 09/28/2014 New scammers out there, so be aware. More info located here: http://fanpagecash.org/2014/09/warning-a-new-scammer-is-posing-a-threat-to-fanpagecash-org/

UPDATE: 10/17/2016 Some of the sites are now gone, so some links may be dead.