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Warning: Beware of scammers trying to pose as fanpagecash.org


We would like to warn everyone who was recently contacted by any of the sites below that we have no affiliation with them what-so-ever.
Possible scammer sites that try to imitate us:

  • tradefanpage.com
  • fanpagetrading.com
  • fanpagestrading.com
  • Fanpagebuyingnselling.com (These guys are scammers, avoid at all costs)

Please note that we’re NOT affiliated with them in any way. If you snoop around a little, you will see that they copied our site word by word. We have been on the market since 2010, we offer the best prices – bar none. We are the only trusted place for buying/selling fanpages. Numerous online scam reports are confirming that many of these sites will take your page + money and run.

For more information on how to sell your fanpage safely click here: https://fanpagecash.org/2012/11/selling-your-facebook-fanpage-101-–-tips-to-stay-safe/

UPDATE: 12/08/2014 The fanpage located under this URL  www.facebook.com/FanPageCash.Org is NOT OUR OFFICIAL FANPAGE. In fact, we don’t even own a fanpage. It would be pretty stupid of us to advertise our services on a website that forbids them. The owner of that particular scam page is not too bright.

UPDATE: 09/28/2014 New scammers out there, so be aware. More info located here: https://fanpagecash.org/2014/09/warning-a-new-scammer-is-posing-a-threat-to-fanpagecash-org/

UPDATE: 10/17/2016 Some of the sites are now gone, so some links may be dead.

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