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Pagehogs.com is gone!

We have warned our readers in our previous article (see: Posting on PageHogs.com Poses a Huge Risk) that posting your Facebook fanpages on Pagehogs.com will get your page deleted, well it finally happened. Facebook came after Pagehogs.com, and in a single pull removed over 100 fanpages. Those page owners are now stuck with a deleted page and no money. We also have been affected by this, as we have been sold a fanpage that was once listed on Pagehogs. It appears that Facebook not only deleted the 100 active listings Pagehogs had on their index, but they also went after every listing that Pagehogs ever had. (Or from when Facebook began monitoring them).

We don’t see Pagehogs recovering back from this, and even if they did,¬†would you trust the platform again? Buying and selling social properties requires anonymity, to avoid situations like these.

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