Our company is going through a serious Fanpage drought, so we’re prepared to reward our sellers with extra bonus payments. To combat one of the worst months we’ve had in our seven-year history, we’re prepared to do something amazing, to entice new sellers to use our service. Starting today, we will add an additional 300 USD to any fanpage offer we make! No, we are not joking. That’s 300 USD extra to any offer provided by our staff, tacked on to our already fair prices. What’s the catch? There is no catch, period. As long as your Facebook Fanpage meets our minimum requirements, we will add three crispy one-hundred dollar bills to our offer.

What are the most desired Fanpage niches these days?

To help our sellers even further, we will also spill the beans on what is currently hot this month.

  • Fanpages related do animals. Dogs and cats pages are the creme of the crop, but we’re willing to purchase other animal niches, also.
  • Facebook pages related to politics. With Trump in the oval office, hilarity usually ensues. This is why politically related fanpages are currently a hot item.
  • Health-related Facebook fanpages. Fitness and health were always in demand. If your fanpage is related to this niche, please give us a shot.
  • Humor. Yes, it’s the most overused topic, so naturally, it’s worth less, far less. However, humor Fanpages are still doing OK in today’s social media markets.

Think you can help us out? If so, you better hurry. This offer will last until the end of November 2017. If you’re ready to sell your Fanpage to take advantage of this great offer, please click here to begin.