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Video tutorial for newbies: Five ways to increase your fanpage engagement.

We have found a great video made by Antonio Thompson, an online marketer and YouTuber, who posted some great tips on how to increase your fanpage reach. While seasoned marketers already know most of these guidelines, people who are just starting out should review them and apply to their campaigns.

From the author:
You may have noticed that when it comes to Facebook Page Engagement the results are low. You may be posting an awesome and inspiring Facebook post, but only 2% of your audience is seeing it. Facebook actually wants you to pay to play – meaning to increase Facebook fan page engagement and ensure that your content is seen by a good chunk of your audience you have to either purchase ads or boost your post. Today I share with you 5 simple tips (FREE and PAID) that you can implement to increase Facebook Fan Page engagement from your audience.

Mr. Antonio runs his own marketing blog, so make sure to check it out: http://www.antoniorthompson.com/

Make sure to also check out his YouTube channel for more useful videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM8zC3sQVeyeru5MtU1If8Q

You can also try our tips and guidelines for increasing fanpage reach:



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