Since Facebook introduced the new crippling policy updates in March 2018, sales have slumped to a new low. We’re not going to lie, the Fanpage market has crashed. This was good news for buyers, bad news for sellers. However, now that the dust has settled, we want to give sellers another shot at making some money. While we don’t believe we’re out of the woods yet, we want to officially raise our rates for Fanpage sellers. Back when things were prime, we were able to offer an average of 0.010 cent per one like, but due to the recent changes, our rates dropped to 0.002 per like. These prices only an average, and they depend on many factors such as the location of fans, activity, and niche. is prepared to increase the per like price to 0.004 for a limited time, and to truly encourage sellers, we will also add an unconditional 100 USD to any offer we make. That’s right! We will add a cool and crispy one hundred dollar bill in addition to our per-like price. This promotion will last until the end of May 2018, so make sure to hurry up and contact us right away. 

Before you decide to sell your Fanpage, please make sure it meets our minimum requirements. Also, please remember, while our company will purchase most Fanpages, only premium ones will warrant the highest payouts. Premium Fanpages include desarible activity, tier-one followers (US/CA/UK/AU), and a desarible niche.

Please mention MAY2018 promo when talking to a FanPageCash agent to claim your 100 USD promo!