Facebook Fanpage Purge – 2018 Edition!

This warning may come a little late, but even if you knew earlier, this information wouldn't save you. What are we talking about? The current Facebook Fanpage purge everybody is talking about. From time to time, Facebook goes all out and decides to "clean the house" from what they consider spam and low-quality content. This translates into thousands of deleted Fanpages (yes, we've said thousands). This semi-annual tradition always leaves Fanpage admins trembling in fear, [...]

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Nearly 3.8 billion people on earth use Facebook’s services, according to the latest quarterly results.

Mark Zuckerberg just released Facebook's latest quarterly reports with a single infographic. The image above really puts things into perspective, as it shows the incredible reach this company has. From Mark: We just announced our quarterly results and shared an update on our community's progress to connect the world.Our community now has more than 1.59 billion people. More than 1 billion people use Groups. Almost 1 billion people use WhatsApp. More than 19 million people [...]

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Facebook hosted content and shared revenue may soon become a reality.

Do you think Facebook has peaked? Think again. Facebook has announced that it wants to start hosting content from organizations, brands and news outlets. Mr. Zuckerberg has been in talks with at least six big media companies about publishing their content directly on Facebook, no link-clicking required. The initial testing apparently includes Buzzfeed, The New York Times, National Geographic and The Huffington Post. The reason? Websites take too long to load, and Facebook says that [...]

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