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To all members: Yes, we’re moving.

We have sent out emails to all our members! Yes, this is real and we're moving to a new website. For more information please visit our new website. For historical purposes we still plan to keep this site up, but we're moving all business related matters to ViralAccounts.com

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FanPageCash.org is moving!

While we still plan to upkeep this site for SEO purposes, we are moving all our content, auctions, and news under a new roof. We have some exciting things coming your way, including: Expanded services! We will now regularly begin to sell Instagram / Vine / Twitter / SnapChat & Youtube accounts. We're launching an escrow service. Don't want to sell to us? That is fine, but we can broker a deal in your name [...]

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Warning! A new scammer is posing a threat to FanPageCash.org.

We would like to warn everyone, buyers and sellers included, that there are people out there scamming admins out of their pages while claiming to work for us. Just recently we were notified that the individual under this URL: https://www.facebook.com/veronicacook112 is pretending to work for FanPageCash.org. Obviously, this is a fake account, and that person does not work for fanpagecash.org. There are only three people who help out with this site, and we all use [...]

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Update: FanPageCash.org now accepts instant payments from new buyers.

Update 17.10.2016: This article may be a little outdated. All our payments are now handled from our new home, ViralAccounts.com. We still offer Skrill, wire, Western Union, Money Gram, Paypal, BitCoin and cash by mail as payment options. Yes, you heard that right. No more bank wires or inconvenient Western Union trips if you're a new member. Starting today FPC will begin accepting instant payments from new members via Skrill.com Please keep in mind that [...]

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To answer the ultimate question: “What is my fanpage worth?”

Trying to figure out how much is your Facebook fanpage worth? This is often a challenging and touchy subject for many page owners. We live in a strange world, where young teens who created a “lol j/k page” a few years back think they're sitting on a gold mine, just because their pages amounted a substantial amount of fans. We hate being the bearer of bad news, and even though our opinion will naturally seem biased [...]

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Fanpagecash 3.0 is here!

Fanpagecash.org now has now officially expanded its services! We now buy & sell: Instagram Accounts Twitter accounts YouTube accounts Vine Accounts Tumblr Blogs Google + Pages Pinterest Accounts And much more! While Facebook fanpages took a hit, there is no stopping the social media power of other platforms. We will do our best to bring you quality accounts like we have been doing for the past four years. A big thanks to all our clients [...]

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Figuring out what facebook is doing by sharing your experience.

We have asked our subscribers to answer our question regarding disappearing fans and decided to post their answers. Here is what you wrote (I will update this post when I get new replies) I have not seen such thing on my page - Actually since Facebook changed their algorithm I have seen an increase on reach and organic likes. All my fanpages are OK nothing is missing in. Maybe the missing fans are for the [...]

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“The Problem With Facebook”, a great video explaining the new Facebook algorithm changes and how it may affect the future of the site.

Help to spread the word!  If we pressure Facebook by spreading information like this, there is a slim chance that they might ease their restrictions. Social media is not immune to collapses, in fact, they're known to rise and fall all the time. Sites like AOL / Digg / MySpace have once been on top of the game but are now forgotten. Facebook might face the same reality if they continue on the path of [...]

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Fighting the new EndgeRank algo, tips to say on top!

Here are a few tips we have collected from around the web, they should help you increase your reach (hopefully). Increase post count! Yeah, it is a primitive method, but it works. We have seen fanpages post the same content 3-4 times daily at higher frequencies. Due to the new algorithm, it balances out the low reach, and people don't complain too much about spam as usually one out of the four posts will reach them. [...]

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Post reach down? Seeing less traffic? You’re not alone. Everything you need to know about the Facebook newsfeed update and how to adapt.

Update 17.10.2016: This article is outdated, some of the methods/topics discussed within it may no longer be valid. If you're in the fanpage game, you must have seen a drop in traffic. No, it's not just you, Facebook made it official a few days ago that they're restructuring the news feed. BusinessInsider.com reports: Yesterday, Facebook announced major changes to its News Feed to show more news articles and high-quality content and fewer LOLCats, meme photos, [...]

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