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We’re doing a little research, help us out with your vote :) Content Creation Service by FPC

We're thinking of launching a "Content Creator Service" , where we would manage all content on your fanpages. Lots of our clients run many fanpages at once, which can be cumbersome and time-consuming. Some of our clients don't even post images, just straight link spam which results in loss of activity, and that translates into less traffic on your websites. Statistics show over and over that keeping your fans happy usually means more income at [...]

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FPC 2.0 is here, we have updated :)

We have finally updated our old auction script :) While the site is not fully finished yet we have made significant improvements. Improved theme, no more non-working / random links. E-mail notifications, get the latest information via your inbox. (outbid notifications, new auctions, site news) Improved auction script, no more time zone issues or "hang-ups" while bidding. Users are now able to see a detailed list of people who placed a bid. Improved security. We're [...]

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Pagehogs.com is gone!

We have warned our readers in our previous article (see: Posting on PageHogs.com Poses a Huge Risk) that posting your Facebook fanpages on Pagehogs.com will get your page deleted, well it finally happened. Facebook came after Pagehogs.com, and in a single pull removed over 100 fanpages. Those page owners are now stuck with a deleted page and no money. We also have been affected by this, as we have been sold a fanpage that was [...]

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Posting your fanpage on PageHogs.com poses a huge risk! Please read.

Whoever came up with the idea for PageHogs.com neglected to think it all the way through. We are talking about the direct/open linking to Fanpage fanpages. This isn't a good idea at all. If a Facebook moderator ever stumbles onto the site, you can rest assured that all those fanpages listed there will be banned. “But Facebook can't prove you posted that ad” you might say. Do you really believe Facebook will take the “oh let's [...]

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Warning: Beware of scammers trying to pose as fanpagecash.org

  We would like to warn everyone who was recently contacted by any of the sites below that we have no affiliation with them what-so-ever. Possible scammer sites that try to imitate us: tradefanpage.com fanpagetrading.com fanpagestrading.com Fanpagebuyingnselling.com (These guys are scammers, avoid at all costs) Please note that we're NOT affiliated with them in any way. If you snoop around a little, you will see that they copied our site word by word. We have [...]

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Selling your facebook fanpage 101 – Tips to stay safe.

Since 2010, our company has been successfully providing a safe marketplace for buying and selling Facebook fanpages. All this being said, there are still plenty of people out there trying to buy or sell on their own. Selling your own Facebook fanpage cuts out the middle man (i.e. Fanpagecash.org), but it does come with inherent risks which could cost you your page and leave a burning hole in your wallet. We can't stress enough how many [...]

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FanPageCash has a new sales rep :)

All hail, here comes the newest member of the FPC team. We would like to welcome Ted Kantor, our newest sales rep! If you need anything he is the guy to reach. You can email him at [email protected] Update 13.10.2016: Even though Ted is still an active FanPageCash employee, he is now reachable only under [email protected] All our emails route to that address, it makes it more convenient for us to keep organized!

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Our public marketplace upgade.

Update 13.10.2016: The content of this article is no longer valid, as we have moved operations to a new website. All our listings can be found on our new domain, ViralAccounts.com Our public marketplace is going through an upgrade. Don't worry, your listings will NOT be deleted. We are just having technical difficulties with the current system (to many bugs). Our technical department is on it. The new system will be easier to use and [...]

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FPC ban on links.

Update 13.10.2016: The content of this article may be outdated, we no longer allow listings on FanPageCash.org (we have moved to a new website). Facebook.com does not condone swapping/selling facebook pages or groups. In order to protect the identity of our buyers and sellers, we are banning postings with links to group/fanpages. The reason being is that many people with too much spare time on their hands will report a page to facebook.com, which may [...]

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FPC is open for business.

Grand Opening !! Hear all about it! FanPageCash.org is now live! We would like to welcome all potential sellers and buyers to FPC (Fan Page Cash) grand opening! Our small company specializes in providing businesses with tools needed to promote brands, products, or services. These tools are viral social media properties, especially large and active Facebook fanpages. Social media marketing is the best way to receive large amounts of traffic for a relatively low investment, [...]

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