Traps you need to avoid when buying and selling fan pages.

The following is a guest blog entry from one of our readers. Thank you! I wish I could tell you that making money buying and selling fan pages is a slam dunk and an easy way to make a few bucks every day. Unfortunately, if I were to tell you that, I would be flat-out lying to you. Buying and selling social media assets is not much different from any other kind of business you [...]

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How to locate willing fanpage buyers? Use these 8 tips to find willing money spenders today!

If you are looking to make money buying fan pages low and then selling them high to a professional or a business buyer, you have to know how to pick out winning pages. You have to have an eye for the kind of pages people are willing to pay top dollar for. With that said you cannot neglect the other side of the equation. You also have to make sure that you can access a [...]

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Buying and selling Facebook fanpages? These tips will help you increase profits.

The following entry is a guest blog posts from one of our readers. Make no mistake about it, there is a huge market for Facebook fan pages. In fact, they are being bought and sold all the time. It is easy to see why. Fan pages, when properly built, they cater to certain audiences and people looking for content they're interested in. People who are interested in certain types of entertainment, news, images, and videos, [...]

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Facebook Groups for Pages, the new best thing to reach your audience?

Facebook’s rollout of groups for pages in July heralded a return to the concept of community and gave brands another method to engage audiences, in a more controlled environment. If brands follow the fundamental rules of community management—being original, transparent, and adding value to the convo—then Facebook groups for pages will quickly become a critical part of many brands’ social media strategies. While Facebooks groups have always been around, prior to this launch, brands themselves [...]

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Use these six steps to help you buy the right social media accounts!

Just like with anything else in life, there's always a right way and a wrong way of doing things. That's just the way it is. And unfortunately, if you are thinking of buying and selling social media accounts, it's too easy to do it the wrong way. Really. It's too easy to get your wires crossed and end up with less money than you expected. If you want to make sure that you get top [...]

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Facebook’s Watch is here! Will it give YouTube a run for the money?

(Reuters) - Facebook Inc launched its Watch video service to U.S. users on Thursday with plans to allow people to submit shows, as the No. 1 social media network vies with Alphabet Inc’s YouTube for advertising revenue. Advertisers are shifting more of their budgets from television to online as viewers have migrated to watching shows on smartphones and tablets. On Watch, which Facebook began testing earlier this month, users can see hundreds of shows from [...]

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How to get 250,000 Facebook followers in a month

This article was originally published by Forbes, and even though it's a few months old the methods discussed within it still apply today. Their version has been slightly modified to bring it up to speed. Okay, before we get started, let's differentiate between purchased followers and real followers. You can do any type of Google search and find hundreds of services that will have their robot and spam account followers go and like your Facebook [...]

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Facebook’s new ‘going live’ from Facebook camera feature is currently being tested.

Facebook is currently testing a new way to “go live” on its social platform – a feature that was previously available by pressing the “Live” button on the Status update box. For some users the ability to “go live” meaning start a live video feed is appearing right within the Facebook Camera screen, alongside other features, like the ability to use Facebook Live Audio, or create an animated GIF. The live streaming was a feature [...]

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Best marketplaces to buy/sell Facebook fanpages for 2017!

While this article will seem a little biased, we will do our best to stay as objective as we can, and show you the current best places to sell your Facebook Fanpages. We can tell you right now that our website will top this list, however, don't dismiss this article just yet, we will show you some other great places where you can sell your Facebook page. #1 - No duh! We're number one, [...]

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Facebook fanpages can now create private groups. is soon rolling out a new feature called “Groups for Pages,” which allows admins who run Facebook Fanpages to create sub-groups within those pages. These groups will let dedicated users chat to one another, and to the owners of the page directly, all in real time. This gives super-fans a new home to collaborate with people who enjoy the same topics. “If you are an artist, a business, a brand, or a newspaper, you [...]

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